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Fun Fair

Hi All,
I just wanted to let you know about a fun little event coming up this Saturday.  Cady's childcare center (Wellesley Community Children's Center - WCCC) is having their annual fundraising event: a Fun Fair and Fun Run at the Wellesley High School track this Saturday from 8:30-12:30.  There are short road races for children ages 3 and up, and there will be rides, games, food, and LOTS of raffle prizes for all children and families.  I expect the games and rides will be age appropriate since they serve children from infants up.  We will be there after 9 for the whole morning, so if you would like to come and meet up let me know!  It also happens to be Cady's birthday - she'll think the fun fair is her birthday party!  Hope everyone is well -


Hi Everyone....

With April approaching and another year passing (can you believe they all will be 2 soon?) I was hoping to organize another playdate. We would love to see everyone again and catch up! Can people let me know if they are interested and if so what day of the week and time works best?

Hope all is well---

Erin, Emma & Michael

together in motion

hi girls! laura- so nice to run into you guys yesterday! i looked at the together in motion schedule and they have open play mon - 11-1230 and 130-5, tue 10-1230 and 130-5 and wed 930-1230 and 130-5. can any of those times work for all of us to get together for a little while during this special vacation week??

Wednesday 23rd around 4 or 5 at Full Moon?

Hi Everyone!

Do you have any plans for Wednesday afternoon? I know it'll be hard with everyone taking naps, but I wanted to have a small birthday party =)

I was thinking about Full Moon at 5 pm. Can you come?


It was wonderful to have seen everyone this morning (Jen/Cady & Julie/Ethan I was sorry to hear you both weren't feeling well.) We had a terrific time and look forward to the next opportunity (and it shouldn't take us so long next time :) ) to be togehter. Hope everyone continues to be well.

Erin (& Michael & Emma & Michael)


Ok, so the votes are in....the date is set for Sunday, January 13th from 9:30 - 10:30 at my house. My address is 11 Sawmill Brook Rd, Winchester (781-369-2227). I'll have coffee and some muffins from the Gingerbread Construction Company for the adults :) ! We are so looking forward to seeing everyone! (And if I am reading things correctly Elena, Jen, Julie, Tarryn, Laura, and Mika will be joining us). Please let me know if things change.



I'm so excited that so many people are interested in getting together. I am trying to incorporate everyone's feedback in terms of dates and times....so how about Sunday, January 13th or Sunday, January 20th from 9:30 - 11:30? If there are other suggestions I am totally open to it. And, given that I initiated the post can I assume it will be here? (Unless someone else feels strongly about it????)

Please let me know if this works and for who so that I can get some delicious Mommy treats :)


Happy New Year

Just wanted to wish everyone a Happy New Year! And, let's make plans for a weekend playgroup....so everyone can come and catch up....thoughts?


Less than week ago we were still there. BFing before bed time and "all night long"

The Leap School

So, I justed wanted to follow up with my experience at the Leap School....and start by saying thanks for all the helpful feedback Jen & Julie.

Perhaps I should start by stating my goal...Emma has so enjoyed the Isis classes---specifically the opportunity to interact with same age children and the activities (which are different from the ones at home). I was looking for a twice-a-week program which would continue to offer her those things.

The Leap School was not as clean as I had hoped, although again I haven't seen anything to compare it to (other then my house). Some of the teachers I took to, others I did not (and I appreciate I don't get to choose). I thought the structure of the day and the amount of time there was fine....but I had a hard time imagining Emma away from me :(. Your were right in that some of the space was not real warm and inviting Julie. I think what I would ideally like is a couple of kids at my house with a teacher and an assistant :)))). They answered all of our questions fine and I am sure it is a fine place...maybe I'm just not ready.

On the other hand I am finding it difficult to find inexpensive or free activities for Emma's age (especially ones where I can incorporate Michael). I'll keep looking...thanks for the suggestions Jen.

Take care,